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How FEA Training can save time and money for engineers designing and manufacturing large pieces of machinery.


Trusted by large Australian and international business, Resource Constructions works across all areas of the resource industry to design and deliver major construction projects.

The company’s engineering team specialise in equipment and system installation for mineral materials handing with a focus on Crushing and Screen Plants, Slurry Pumping Systems, Conveyors and Modular Plant Systems, plus machinery upgrades.


The limited availability of both in-depth and accessible FEA resources is one of the main reasons Modern CAD offers its training to organisation. Like Matthew Cook, Mechanical Engineer, from Resource Constructions, many participants are unable to locate the knowledge they need for real world applications.

“Most of my FEA training was done online, including a lot of training videos, and I think they always seemed to lack the intricacies – they don’t explain exactly what is happening. So my goal was to advance my skills as an engineer but also to reinforce concepts I already knew and discover the best way to approach things.”

Added to this, Matthew’s previous exposure to the suite of Autodesk tools was superficial in terms of structural analysis and understanding what has happening with certain properties.

“I wasn’t really told what or how to do things, so there was probably some guesswork going on when there shouldn’t have had to be.”


Matthew completed both the Easy Path to FEA and FEA Enabled Design Mentoring Program courses.

“Everything Nikita said and explained was precise and to the point, and he was willing to work through it if I missed something. He brought in a whole of ideas that weren’t in other materials, so that was really great.”

The personalised framework of Modern CAD’s FEA courses allows participants to learn and sharpen skills they can then use in their day-to-day work.

“The overall training was very good, especially how the different elements react, the fact that some degrees of freedom weren’t even relevant in solid elements. It was really useful to get better mesh settings rather than blowing up element counts. Learning these settings saved time with my models.”


Many engineers can attest to the challenging nature of creating dynamic designs that will eventually become physical objects in the real world. Matthew is now able to pinpoint certain elements of his designs that weren’t attainable prior to FEA training.

“I wasn’t aware that I was ‘over constraining’ my models and making them more stiff than what they needed to be. In some instances, this would not only give me greater stresses but it wouldn’t allow the flexion in the models which would take away those stresses and also give a more realistic result.”

“This training takes a lot of guesswork out of what I’m doing so I can be more confident in my results which ultimately means I save time instead of going through a bunch of different iterations. Now I’m able to figure out how to go about these challenges and it gives me a more accurate result. I can take that with me going forward and I think that’s really cool.”


Modern CAD has been delivering FEA Training to a wide range of manufacturing and engineering companies across Australia.

As Matthew highlighted after his training was completed, “I can take this training with me anywhere, so it’s a positive step in every direction. Anyone who wants to be confident about what they’re doing with FEA then I would definitely recommend it as it helps a lot. Competence in this area is very important, especially when you’re working with big structures worth a lot of money like we do.”

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