Autodesk Vault
Implementation and Data Transfer

The ultimate engineering data management solution

Store, manage and control your engineering data
in a state-of-the-art data management system, Autodesk Vault

We help to implement Autodesk Vault and run Autodesk Vault Data Transfer so your engineering
team can work more efficiently with increased reusability of designs and data
and improved scalability and collaboration capacity.

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Implementation 01

Autodesk Vault
+ Data Transfer 02

Autodesk Vault
Data Transfer 03

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Training 04

Typically, moving to a new way to
manage and store engineering data is challenging

Along with getting accustomed to a new data management system
and workflow, your team might face a long data transfer process
involving manual sorting, individual or batch based file
checking, and manual corrections.


Our services are designed according to the
best practices of organisational change science

Because our goal is to support engineering and manufacturing companies
to run smooth and risk-free switch to Autodesk Vault including complete transfer of the legacy data.


Our customer centric approach allows us to identify your business’ needs via ongoing consultation.

We engage end users at the Autodesk Vault configuration stage. This allows us to get users’ feedback on the processes and catch and fix possible errors before the final migration stage.

Unique plug-in

Our efficient approach and unique Data Transfer Tool lets us transfer your data to Autodesk Vault over a single weekend.

Our tool’s automated and concurrent processes eliminate the need for manual intervention, so not only will you avoid disruption, but also wasted time and errors.

Cleaned & classified

Our process enables automatic data cleansing.

This includes effectively processing, deduplicating, and classifying the data in accordance with internal processes and projects, and ensuring the metadata is properly mitigated.

Compatible with any
autodesk reseller

We can work with any Autodesk reseller and service provider as our data transfer process can easily be plugged into any Autodesk Vault implementation process.

We can help you and your team implement Autodesk Vault and run
Autodesk Vault Data Transfer quickly and effectively,
with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations


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Our solutions are tailored to our client’s needs and are backed
by 10+ years of successful Autodesk Vault implementations in a
wide range of organisations, from small design consultancies to
large corporations

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