Autodesk Vault Systems Requirements: secret formula

There are three main input when deciding on the appropriate hardware for running Autodesk Vault in 2023:

  • Total number of users you have across your entire business

  • Total number of drawings you have and predicting how many you’ll produce

What are the main benefits of Autodesk Vault?

Choosing the right hardware for Autodesk Vault

What hardware to use for your Autodesk Vault?

  • RAM: allocate 32GB for full replication and / or if there are more than 20 active users. Otherwise use 16GB.

  • Processor: 2 core @ 3 GHz or higher is usually enough for up to 50 active users.

  • Hard drive size (including potential growth of data over the next years). Use calculator below.

  • Type of SQL database (free or paid). The free SQL Express is limited to maximum size 10GB. Use calculator to estimate your database grows over the years.

  • Current number of CAD users in your organisation- those who create and modify drawings and 3D models.

  • Primary product: AutoCAD or Inventor.

  • Volume of your legacy data that will be transferred to Autodesk Vault.

File store size: GB
Database size: GB

The best way to start using Autodesk Vault in your organisation

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