What can Autodesk Vault do?

  • Where should I store my data – local folders, OneDrive, SharePoint, Autodesk Vault or another way?

  • How do I know where the latest modifications of my drawings and 3D models are located?

  • How do I know that I’m using the correct files for my design?

  • How do I let other teams working with me on the project know that my part of the design process is finished?

  • How do I control access to my data?

  • How do I know my data is secure?

  • Simplicity

  • Cost

  • Access

  • xRefs

  • Security

  • Document Control

  • Life Cycle

  • Mess vs Order

  • Preview Feature

  • It costs you almost nothing as you are utilising existing hardware.

  • Your stored data can be easily accessed by anyone in your company who has access to the server. However, remote cloud access will be more challenging.

  • Your data will remain secure as soon as your firewall is strong enough to keep it safe.

  • People can not see file change history. Regular server backups are required if you need to recover an old version.

  • It’s not always easy to find the latest version of your drawing or 3D model as it can be copied to a random place under the same name. Even if your company is using strict rules for locating and saving engineering files, there’s still a risk that some of the drawings and 3D models will appear in a Temp or incorrect Working folder.

  • Over time the risk of having “chaos” in your folders will increase, due to file storing, file structure, file naming and employees leaving the company.

  • Classification of the projects, drawings and 3D models is challenging with Server Folders. In some cases instead of utilising already existing designs from other projects, you’ll continue to create everything from scratch, duplicating effort and wasting money.

  • Server Folders don’t allow for the proper utilisation of xRefs in your drawings and 3D models. This often becomes a major issue over time as people won’t know if new changes will impact any other designs. What if you changed a standard part for a particular design and it automatically changed everywhere it was used, potentially damaging other designs? Or some xRefs can be saved to a local disk and become missing later.

  • To communicate with other teams that your design is ready for use, you’ll need to create a dedicated folder where you copy your finished design and then send an email to your teammates. For this to work your processes would need to be well documented, understood and followed by everyone.

  • To review designs you need to open each file one by one and therefore have corresponding Autodesk software installed on your computer.

  • Autodesk Vault is a simple, ready-to-go solution for storing and managing engineering documentation produced in Autodesk products.

  • Autodesk Vault Basic option is free, while Autodesk Vault Professional has cost per user and gives more advanced options for your business. Check which Autodesk Vault version is suitable for your business.

  • Access is easily manageable in Autodesk Vault and guarantees the security and integrity of your data.

  • xRefs are managed automatically. This feature of Autodesk Vault gives a simple and precise way to manage all links between your engineering files.

  • Security of your data is guaranteed in Autodesk Vault. There will be no missing drawings or 3D models and access to your data will be protected.

  • Document control is an in-built option that allows you to easily track files history and changes. You can also see where changed files are used and whether changes should be implemented in all designs where files are used.

  • The life cycle feature is a major benefit of Autodesk Vault. Different users and teams don’t need to guess what stage your files are at. Autodesk Vault allows for any life cycles to be implemented in the software. Check out our Basic and Professional comparison article.

  • A more effective way to create order in your drawings, 3D models, projects and designs. With Autodesk Vault you can be sure that your files are organised and you easily find the designs you need.

  • Easy preview option that excludes the need to open every file to remind yourself what’s inside. Preview options allow you to see what’s inside, and it also allows you to rotate 3D models in the preview window.

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